Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum age?

A: For Regular Paintball and Airsoft it is 12 years old. For players 8 years old and above we have “Low impact” Paintball (see Low Impact Paintball Page).

Do you have to book?

A: Yes, we do sometimes have slots available for last minute bookings but try to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Half / Full Day?

A: None of our packages are timed, so it just depends how ‘Trigger Happy’ you are as to which package is suitable. N.B. ‘Low Impact’ Paintball Games are Half Day only see Low Impact Paintball page for details.

How many paintballs will I use?

A: Average useage is from 300 balls for a Half Day up to 600 balls for a full day.

What time do games start?

A: On weekends all games start at 10.00am due to the Safety Brief being given at that time. For midweek group bookings start times are sometimes flexible. Junior and ‘Low Impact’ Paintball Games at Thetford & Northwold have sessions of either 9:30am to 12:30pm or 1pm to 4pm.

Can individuals join in?

A: yes, we can accommodate all group sizes.

What do I need to bring?

A: Sturdy outdoor footwear with ankle support is ideal (trainers are ok but will get dirty) comfortable clothing and a change of clothing for winter months.  Also gloves are a good idea (these are also sold on the day).

Can I bring my own gun?

We allow players to use their own guns once we have checked them for safety. (We also have “Walk-On” events once a month exclusively for players with their own kit).

How many games will I play?

A: Up to 12 in a full day.

How long does each game last?

A: Game length depends on the scenario, games can last from 5mins for intense fast fire games, up to 20min for stealth and tactical games.

What happens if I get shot out?

A: Then you will be eliminated for that game. Once the game / half is completed you will be resurrected for the next game

How do I book?

A:You can either Book Online or call us on 01842 769112. For groups of 10+ we can make provisional bookings up to 2 weeks prior to the event date (to give you a chance to organise your group) then we require confirmation of player numbers and £4.99 Deposit per player. For groups under 10 players we take £9.99 per player deposit with the balance to one of our Package Deals paid on the day.  For Low Impact Paintball sessions we can reserve spaces whilst you organise your event and then full payment is taken to confirm the booking.

Can I buy drinks and snacks on site?

A: Yes, we also offer free tea and coffee all day! Burgers, Hot Dog’s and Jacket Potatoes are also available.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

A: : No, for safety reasons, only paintballs supplied by Combat Paintball are allowed.

When are you open?

7 days a week (always book before arrival)